How to Choose the Best Gym Bag

How to Choose the Best Gym Bag

They’re all sort of gym bags in the markets today and choosing one that is the right one might be a daunting task and in your fitness journey, you want to buy the best gym bag to accessorize your fitness lifestyle.

In this article, we’ll help you make the right decision because a gym bag is something you’ll carry in public places like in the office, coffee shop, subway, etc. it’s part of you, so it needs to be the right bag.

So, it’s important to know the different types of gym bags before you purchase one, for this will save you a lot of headaches and stress, and possibly money in the future.

Gym bags are a necessary part – and one might even say it’s a must-have fitness item in our journey to fitness. They help us stay organized, focused and well prepared.

Any professional trainer will tell you that in order to stay on track, it is well-advised to pack your gym bag before retiring to bed. This not only saves a lot of time in the morning preparing but it sets your mind ready for the gym the next day, thus decreasing the chances to skip workout the next day.

So now the real challenge is getting the right bag, the best gym bag that will enhance your looks and makes you look good.

What makes the best gym bag?

But before I answer that I can go on and on about what to look for in a gym bag for instant quality, design, price, and all that mambo jumbo, but no!

That’s just cliché because it is quite obvious and human nature to go for good looking stuff that is well-priced and overlook the most important thing.

In my research and personal experience – depending on your needs and frequency of use – I found out that all you’ll ever need, in terms of a cool gym bag are just are two crucial things.

One is space and the second is convenience. These two should be your focus when deciding which gym bag to purchase.

You don’t want to purchase a bag that’s too big, neither do you want to start your fitness workout with a sports bag that’s too small; barging (or breaking through the seams) with your workout stuff.

1: Space

Consider this, if you’re the type of person who takes a shower at the gym after every workout then goes straight to work, you’ll need a bag with big enough space to carry clean clothing, extra shoes, and your personal grooming stuff.

Talking about shoes, consider a bag with a shoe compartment. That way you’ll not mix your soiled or smelly shoes with your clothes.

Likewise, if you’re like me, someone who just wants to hit the gym and head straight back home, you’ll want to buy a small gym bag just enough to carry what you need.

2: Convenience

One other aspect that people don’t consider when choosing to buy a gym bag is “convenience” and when they do, probably it will be too late.

For convenience, you’ll need a bag with multiple side pockets and compartments.

This will not only make your life so easy and fun, when trying to access your car or house keys or even phones and tablets, but will make and help you stay more organized and focused in your fitness journey.

Also for a plus, look for a gym bag that can be converted with straps according to your needs, into a regular shoulder bag or a backpack. This will be an added advantage, especially for a cyclist or walkers.

Finally in closing when you choose the ultimate gym bag you’ll manage your time and preparation before a workout more efficiently and your time at the gym more effective so it’s imperative you choose wisely.

How to Choose The Best Gym Bag

Our Best Selling Top Recommended Gym Bags.

1: T60

The T60 gym bag specs aren’t hard to crack. This is a medium-sized unisex bag that comes in four colors to choose from. It packs a shoe compartment on one side, which is very important to keep shoes separate for obvious reasons.

That’s not all. It has three more side compartments to store away your phone or tablet. On the outer left side, is yet another smaller compartment to stash away your car or house keys and any other stuff you may like to put there.

One other cool feature is that it can be used as a backpack. All you have to do is unzip the upper inside zipper to reveal the hidden backpack straps, then attach them with smaller size straps provided in the package.

The padded base provides safety for your delicate stuff. It also has shoulder straps, soft handles, and hidden backpack straps which you have to unzip to reveal. See images description below-

Image Description

The overall size of the bag is 50 cm width by 26 cm height by 13 cm wide, ideal to carry enough stuff. The price of this gym bag is $27.58 in our shop here.

We ship from our warehouse overseas for FREE. Normally, it can take up 23 days or less to arrive in the USA that including processing time.

2: Rider

Rider is a top quality professional large sports gym bag for both men and women. It has independent side compartments to store your valuables, making this bag a friend rather than a foe in your training or workout time.

It’s a functional and a stylish gym bag with soft handle and shoulder straps. The Primary compartment has a capacity large enough to hold your workout gear including shoes and grooming items.

Gym bag image description

What I like most about this gym bag is it has spacious multiple “independent” side pockets where you have the ability to separate wet or dirty clothing from fresh clean ones, or even phones and tablets.

Available in five colors: black, blue, dark blue, orange, and red. The rider will set you back 50 bucks and if you like what you see you can buy it here in our shop.

It is manufactured out of durable polyester and Terylene; is capable of resisting water but don’t go submerging it in the pool. When I say it is water resistant I meant from the rains, drizzles, and spills here and there.

3: Tote Gym Bag

Tote Gym Bag

Out of the top three recommendation, this Tote gym bag is one of my favorite based on my preferences and style. I like a simple and easy going lifestyle and this tote gym bag defines that too well.

Made from long-lasting canvas material, it can be picked up by its handle and has long adjustable shoulder straps with a padded pad. Did i mention it’s waterproof ? Yes it is – with a capacity size of 49x25x25cm.

Conveniently placed is a handy side pocket on the right side to stash away your phone or keys. It comes in just two designs- black and military as seen on the image below

Tote Gym Bag

This tote will set you back 27.64 bucks here at our infinity store with free shipping of course. buy it here

And in closing, my friends, those are our top three best gym bags that we recommend. Feel free to show your love and leave a comment below and support us by purchasing one or two other items…

We ship our products from our overseas warehouse, so shipping may take up to 20 days but normally it takes way less than that.

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